The Best Shoes to Wear

The Best Shoes to Wear -comfort-fashion-shoe

Shakespeare was right when declaring in “The Tempest” –

Foot it featly here and there

And, sweet sprite, the burden bear.

It is so true – whether you are a sweet sprite or a grumpy granny – that the foot you present first should be graceful, elegant, skilful, neat, and suitably or appropriately clad. Whether you are a cavalier footing a galliard, or a traveller footing the cobblestones of an old city – you must wear the best possible footwear available.

Ingrown toenails (or onychocryptosis, as they are scientifically known) are caused by pressure from a nail’s edge digging into the skin of the toe, and one of the most evident problems are poorly fitting shoes. If pain persists in the big toe – followed by swelling, redness and discharge – then you will find greater and greater discomfort in walking or even putting on enclosed shoes. Prevention is better than cure, and the easiest way is to change to a more appropriate size or fitting, while also ensuring your shoes suit the activity you require them for.

It may be a pump or a brogue, a slipper, sandal, galosh or arctic. It could be a clog, or sabot, jackboot or high-low, or perhaps a moccasin with spats.  If you are a farmer you may need Blundstones, a tradesman may need steel caps and a politician might kick around in jackboots, but there are a few important rules when choosing shoes that don’t cause ingrown toenails.

They must fit comfortably at first wearing, and should be the type of shoes that last.

A good fit should allow plenty of toe room, but not be loose enough to move around when you walk. There are specialist fitters in most larger shoe establishments who will help you find the perfect fit.

Heels should be small, as the forward-pressure from wearing high heels will almost always cause toe problems.

If you constantly wear trainers run the risk of creating a warm and moist environment that multiplies naturally occurring bacteria. Bacteria then attacks cut surfaces – as in an ingrown toenail – and the situation proliferates. It is essential to cut the nail straight across (rather than at a curve), regularly clean and bathe your feet and seek the help of a podiatrist if you have other health problems or are frail.

Remember, improperly fitted footwear puts enormous stress on toes, including the nails and surrounding skin. 

The Best Shoes to Wear -comfort-fashion-shoe-01
Tuesday February 3rd 2015Dr Damien Lafferty

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