First Aid for Ingrown Toenails

First Aid for Ingrown Toenails-causes-ingrown-toenails-01

Gorgeous new designer shoes on all week?
They look fabulous, but it comes at a price!

Midway through the week, you realise something is wrong; maybe it’s a blister or lack of circulation?

Whatever it is, you are almost in agony by the time you get home at the end of the day. Gently kicking your slightly too-tight shoes off, you examine your foot and  you have an ingrown toenail!

Now what?

You can’t possibly make it to the doctor or podiatrist until tomorrow, but you don’t think you can endure this pain any longer. You decide to wait it out, but stub your toe during dinner preparation. Then – as you are trying to get to sleep – just the weight of your blankets makes your toe throb. That’s it! You’ve had enough – you need to treat this horrible ingrown toenail NOW.

The good news is that you can effectively relieve the pain of an ingrown toenail at home, prior to seeing your podiatrist for a more permanent solution. Regardless of any of the below tips you may try, remember that the toenail is a grubby place and an infection can easily take hold. Do NOT attempt home surgery on your ingrown toenail, as this is a sure-fire way of inducing infection.

Make sure that you always wash your hands thoroughly before and after touching your feet, use sterile equipment and surfaces and keep your ingrown toenail area clean and dry. People suffering from diabetes or other conditions that affect circulation should refrain from treating an ingrown toenail at home*. If you have any of these conditions or your pain is severe, a visit to the hospital is definitely justified. Otherwise, give these ingrown toenail remedies a whirl and follow up with a doctor or podiatrist as soon as possible.

Monday August 11th 2014Dr Lafferty

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