Comfort no longer means frumpy!

Comfort no longer means frumpy! -A_Sara_1024x1024

The Road to Happy Feet

Poorly fitting shoes can create havoc with our lives – from aching backs, twisted ankles and shin splints to ingrown toenails, bunions and hammer toes.

So how do you avoid a future that might include ingrown toenails surgery and at the same time balance fashion, style and comfort in one shoe?
So you may be surprised to know that many shoe designers are now taking comfort and function into consideration, as well as aesthetics.

Look terific and feel good in these designer shoes!

Gone are the days of aching legs, corns and bunions behind us? Well here are three designers who are hoping that you will be wearing their comfortable and chic shoes:

Well you need to source shoes that fit you correctly, have plenty of toe room, are not too high and not to flat and most important of all - are comfortable, especially when standing for long periods. They are many different types of shoes available, so you will want a pair that suits the occasion. But finding the right shoe that fits all your requirements can be easier said than done.
  1. Anyi Lu: Inspired by her own difficulties in finding stylish shoes that provided a good fit and comfort, Anyi Lu designs handmade Italian shoes for women who do not compromise when it comes to shoes. Her mission is to design shoes “that function as beautifully as they are fashioned”.
  2. Ziera Shoes - Crafted For Comfort. Designed with your well-being & comfort in mind. These features are designed  and meticulously crafted into every Ziera shoe. From New Zealand
  3. Taryn Rose: This line was created by an orthopaedic surgeon, so form and function are melded with style. These shoes are well cushioned, light, flexible and comfortable.

Comfort no longer means frumpy! -bud
Tuesday May 12th 2015Dr Damien Lafferty

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