Tuesday May 12th 2015

by Dr Damien Lafferty


The Road to Happy Feet

Poorly fitting shoes can create havoc with our lives – from aching backs, twisted ankles and shin splints to ingrown toenails, bunions and hammer toes.

So how do you avoid

Tuesday February 3rd 2015

by Dr Damien Lafferty


Shakespeare was right when declaring in “The Tempest” –

Foot it featly here and there

And, sweet sprite, the burden bear.

It is so true – whether you are a sweet sprite or a grumpy granny

Monday August 11th 2014

by Dr Lafferty


Gorgeous new designer shoes on all week?
They look fabulous, but it comes at a price!

Midway through the week, you realise something is wrong; maybe it’s a blister or lack of circulation?