Why are your legs necessary to your toenails?

Why are your legs necessary to your toenails?-healthly-feet-yoga

Obviously, they are all joined by some miracle to act as two units involved in sitting, standing, walking, getting up and so on; but, there is a deeper connection in that dark, mysterious body of yours – and it goes right back to your heart. The heart is simply a muscle pump to move blood through your body. Blood consists of 55% plasma (fluid) and 45% solid particles (red cells, white cells and platelets).

So how does all this relate to maintaining healthy toenails?

Blood vessels underlie your toenails, giving them that nice pink colour – but if the blood flow is interrupted by tight shoes, sluggish because of inactivity or discoloured due to illness, then your toenails will suffer. Blood vessels are elastic tubes taking blood to all parts of the body and returning it to the heart. Now, your toenails are about as far from your heart as Mumbai is from Casablanca, so a little bit of extra effort is required to keep the blood flow to your toenails as regular as possible for their better health.

Exercise is what will do it!

The blood vessels that take blood away from your heart are called arteries, which branch out and become smaller (like trees) and these are called arterioles. Arterioles branch out into miniscule capillaries, which work their way through bones, joints, organs, and under toenails, dropping off nutrients and oxygen. A new flush of good red blood is essential to maintain beautiful toenails, so those legs have to pump it through!

The type of exercise will depend on several things – environment, mental preparedness, physical limitations, body type and weight. If you are a fairly active person (both in mind and body) you will be doing plenty in your daily lives – walking, getting up and down, and probably playing a regular sport. This will be sufficient to keep blood flowing nicely to your pinkies (fingers and toes). If only some of the above relates to yourself, then you should add some

Why are your legs necessary to your toenails?-healthly-feet
Monday March 16th 2015Dr Damien Lafferty

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