5 Causes of Ingrown Toenails and How to Prevent it Occurring

5 Causes of Ingrown Toenails and How to Prevent it Occurring-ingrown-toenails-sore-feet-01

Ingrown toenails are very painful and if you have ever suffered from this condition, you will know that the best course of action is to avoid anything that causes it. Treating ingrown toenails that are severe can involve surgery – so if you are in the Sydney area – contact Damien Lafferty a Podiatric surgeon who is a specialist in ingrown toenail relief.

And if you want to learn how to prevent this painful condition – here are 5 common causes:

Badly fitting footwear: Shoes that are tight fitting around the toes give no space for your toes to spread and can cause pressure on the big toe causing ingrown toenails. Also shoes that are too short or too flat in the toe area can cause this condition. A lack of adequate space and pressure on the big toe are the causes here.

It is important for both adults and children to have their feet sized correctly, and particularly for children so that they do not wear shoes that are too tight or small as their feet continue to grow.

Incorrectly trimmed (or picked) toenails: Make sure you do not cut your toenails too short and do not round the corners or edges of the nail – instead cut them straight across. Incorrectly trimming your toenails causes the nail to push into the skin and the skin to grow over the nail.

Make sure that you cut your children’s nails correctly and if they are old enough to do this themselves, ensure that they understand how to trim their nails correctly to prevent ingrown toenails.

If your child is prone to picking their fingers and toenails attempt to stop them from this activity, as it can lead to a small piece of nail being left down the side of the nail leading to the nail growing in.

Injuries: Inadvertently dropping a heavy weight on the toes or kicking a heavy or immovable object can cause the nail to be pa

Thursday September 25th 2014Dr Damien Lafferty

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