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Permanent treatment for ingrown toenails

Our ingrown toenail procedure takes less than an half an hour and can often be carried out on the same day as your first consultation.

It involves little or no pain and prevents the ingrown toe nail from ever reoccurring. No stiching is required in this procedure.  

This straightforward procedure involves removing a small wedge of nail from your problem toenail and then preventing this small section from growing back.

Nail Surgery

  • Local anaesthetistic is injected to ensure your toe is completely numb and no pain is felt during procedure, then tourniquet is applied to prevent any blood loss;
  • A small section of nail is removed from the side or sides of your problem nail, ensuring the rest of your toenail remains intact;
  • A chemical is applied to the ‘matrix’ or nail producing region of your toe to prevent any nail regrowth;
  • Then area is flushed with an antiseptic and a dressing is applied to the individual toe;
  • Dressing is changed by specilaist 2-4 days later;
  • Daily dressing instructions given for post-operative care at home. 

What to expect after procedure?

With our procedure, typically minimal or no time away from work is required and you can expect good long term positive results.

Excellent cosmetic result is also aimed for. Once your nail is fully healed, there will be no visible sign of the procedure being carried out at all. 
Older procedures involve physically cutting away a section of the nail and the surrounding skin. This lead to a scar either side of the nail and slightly unsightly thin toe.

Local anaesthetic or sedation ?

If you have a phobia to needles or had a bad experience with a previous treatment, we can carry out your treatment under sedation (sometimes called twilight anaesthetic) in the day theatre.

This ensures you will not experience the local anaesthetic and will simply awake with the toe dressed and the procedure finished. This is carried out in an accredited day theatre.

After treatment care

Once procedure is carried out, you must go home and keep your foot elevated as much as possible. Your toe will be heavily bandaged to avoid infection and bleeding. This dressing should be changed 2-4 days after your procedure. 

You will NOT be able to drive, so please:
  • arrange to have a friend or family member to pick you up;
  • arrange to take a taxi home;
  • do not take bus or train.
You will receive more detailed instructions on after treatement care at your consultation. If you have any concerns, please contact the clinic. 

Important information:

This information is aimed as only an initial guide. This does not replace an in-depth discussion with a question and answer session that is carried out during a consultation. We recommend a consult to allow all aspects of the ingrown toe nail issue to be discussed including the risks of the surgery.