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  Painless and Stress Free

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A Permanent Solution

Our clinic specialises in the treatment of Ingrown Toenails. Our treatments are performed under local anaesthetic, providing a painless, fast and permanent solution. 

If you have suffered from previously unsuccessful nail treatment or procedure, we can help you to a complete and permanent recovery. 

We utilise the most up to date research driven procedure that typically involve lesser invasive treatment, much quicker recuperation times and a marked reduction in post-operative pain.

If you have never treated it before or have unsuccessful treatment previously, contact us and make an appointment at our Darlinghurst Clinic or Kingsgrove Clinic. We can treat your ingrown toe nails successfully.  

Procedure can usually be carried out on the same day as consultation.

If you developed an ingrown toenail we do not advise trying to treat the nail yourself as this can often make the toenail problems worse and increases the risk of infection.

If your ingrown toenail is severe or has not responded to previous treatment or constantly reoccurs then we recommend you make an appointment immediately to get the treatment you need. 

Our Specialist Talks About Nail Surgery

We have put together an Information Pack on our Ingrown Toenail Procedure and After Treatment Care. Download your copy of our Ingrown Toenail Info Pack Here !